Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I am sure there are people who opened their eyes this morning and just couldn’t get out of bed. No physical reasons, but just couldn’t face the day. Deep into winter and let’s face it, this is depressing.
Not enough sunlight, or any, through the clouds. Too cold and you don’t want to do much at all. You hate to go to the store for fear of catching that awful head and chest stuff that is going around.
We dote on the holidays for months and all of a sudden they are over, and January and Feb don’t have much to offer. If you are like me, taking a warm location vacation isn’t in the budget or the plans.
We have the tax season to prepare our records and get organized coming up. But that isn’t anything that will soothe your restless spirit either.
I really have no solutions for this time of year. I know teachers dread these winter month.
I have binge watched all of my updated episodes of my favorite shows. I have started a new book. Repaired the puppy toys with needle and thread for the razor toothed dog.
I am wondering if a trip to the Nelson Art gallery would bring some respite from all this winter stuff. Or maybe a trip to Lawrence to the Natural History Museum.
It is only 54 days till spring. Of course that doesn’t mean warm weather, just possibly more light.
For your information and possible celebration next year, Jan 24 is beer can appreciation day. Who would have thought?
January 25, Irish coffee Day. Now that is one I might remember to celebrate.
Plus if you so desire, January 26 is spouses’ day. You might get one, or clean up the one you have, or just be kind to them in this hum drum time of year.
Most of all, don’t give up.
This season will pass. The weather will change and soon the heat of summer will be here to drive us up back inside our homes. Be extra kind to folks you know and those you meet. They may have suffered a loss they can’t even talk about.