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New line on your reels, check. Hooks sharpened, check. Tackle box cleaned and organized, check. Now all you have to do is pick up a copy of the 2019 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary, available now in printed form wherever licenses are sold and at Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism offices. A PDF of the pamphlet can be downloaded at Every angler should keep a copy of the regulations in their tackle box or boat.
In addition to the current regulations on equipment restrictions, license and permit prices, and creel and length limits, there is a special section listing new regulations for 2019. One section is devoted to special length and creel limits on all reservoirs and lakes throughout the state. The Fish I.D. pages include color illustrations of common fish found in Kansas by Joseph Tomelleri. Current state record fish weights are listed along with an application and the minimum lengths required to receive Master Angler Awards.
Get a copy today and be ready when the fishing bug bites.