Gardner advisory and committee meetings will be meeting quarterly or on an as-needed basis in 2019. Meeting dates will be posted in advance on the city’s website.
In July 2015, the council adopted a resolution creating five advisory committees. The committees will meet monthly offering recommendations to the Gardner City Council. The committees include a streets, sidewalks and stormwater advisory committee,  citizens police advisory committee, an Americans with Disabilities Act advisory committee, a parks and recreation advisory committee and an economic development advisory committee.
In early 2018, the meetings were evaluated, and input was obtained from city staff, the governing body, and Citizens Advisory Committee members on a wide variety of topics, including the frequency of committee meetings, according to Amy Nasta, city clerk. There was a concern that the frequency of meetings may have been a deterrent for citizens wishing to become involved in the committees.
During the March 5, 2018, city council meeting, Resolution 1984, a resolution establishing policies for the creation and operation of Citizen Advisory Committees of the City of Gardner, was approved. This Resolution made several changes to the Citizens Advisory Committees, one of which was changing the frequency of committee meetings to “quarterly or as needed” in order to provide a less constrictive time framework while still allowing the committees the flexibility to meet when necessary.