Shane Holiway

Talk w/PRK is a monthly exchange between community leaders and the JCPRD After School Care class at Gardner Elementary. Student reporters interview local business and political leaders as part of the class and share them with The Gardner News
“This is Ariana Madrid reporter for JCPRD News, with another installment of Talk w/PRK. Today our guest is Shane Holiway with Price Chopper.”
Can you tell us about yourself?
“My name is Shane Holiway. I am the store director with the Gardner Price Chopper. I have lived in Gardner with my wife since 2005. We have two children.”
So, you said you’re the store director. What exactly does a store director do?
“My job is to oversee the entire store. I am responsible for all the employees in the store.”
How does Price Chopper impact the community?
Price Chopper impacts the community by employing its citizens. It also provides products to consumers in the area that are high quality and reasonably priced. In addition, Price Chopper is very involved in the City of Gardner and within the school district.”
So, what about the future of your company here?
We, at Price Chopper, are looking towards a bright future here in Gardner. We have been here for two decades and hope to continue to be a part of the community for the foreseeable future.”
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