A joint art project of Johnson County after school students recreated the Plaza Lights. Submitted photo

Members of the Gardner Elementary school’s Johnson County Parks and Rec after school program submit articles and photos for publication.
Christmas is a time to come together. That’s exactly what students at Prince of Peace and JCPRD did.
The kids joined forces to complete an art project based on the Plaza and the Plaza lights. Adam Moos, art teacher at Prince of Peace, worked with his students to design and create the various buildings. Once they were made, the buildings went to the JCPRD after school care class at Gardner Elementary.
Under the direction of Mark Hinojosa, kids painted the structures and then outlined each with dots of primarily white to represents the lights.
From there, it went back to Prince of Peace for mounting; finally it came back to JCPRD, where the kids added finishing touches such as falling snow and snowflakes.
It’s a beautiful thing when people come together to work towards a common goal or project. The artwork that was created through this joint effort is truly a thing of beauty. “Great job kids! A big thank you goes out to Mr. Moos, for his kindness and assistance,” said Hinjosa, coordinator.