Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I am guessing that this winter is one we will talk about for, well —the next year, till it is winter again.
Those times of being a kid and having snow days is long past. So is the beauty of a huge pile of pristine snow, and blankets of white covering everything. Nothing is as impressive as sun glinting through ice on trees and the tops of grass.
But my appreciation of the winter wonderland is long gone.
I know there are still a lot of folks in and around Kansas City who are without power. My own kids were texting for reservations at the Taylor Inn should their lights go out as they did last year. They are, of course, always welcome.
I was remembering back to the days when Edgerton was a smaller town, and the city hall, no matter what, needed to be open. If the power was off, city hall provided a place for the elderly citizens to come and stay warm.
After all it is their city hall. It doesn’t belong to the office workers or the city staff. It is for the folks in town. Right?
Well in case of emergencies, a generator from a local business, usually the local rock quarry when I was living there, was used to run city hall. It provided them with light and heat.
Same with the basements at the elementary school. They were opened to people needing shelter from tornado’s and violent storms in the summer. Sort of a neighborly thing to do, especially when your tax dollars pay for those buildings.
I know things have changed. I know the people who have the office jobs in most of these cities don’t actually live in the town. Shame isn’t it?
Talking to people who have moved here from central or western Kansas, they were a little amazed by what was deemed city and county services. The counties they were from, and the town, had community centers. Nice big ones. Some even with coffee bars, etc. Their meeting rooms were free to use.
I bet they were even open in case of power outages or tornados.
I know Edgerton still provides lots of community sponsored things for the residents. I know they are still pretty much free. Easter Egg hunts, Independence Day Celebrations, Halloween, Christmas. I think this is great!!
Gardner has some free events too, movies, parties etc. But others cost those who want to participate.
Maybe once you become a city, rather than a community or a town, doing things for the citizens takes on a different meaning.