Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
The new Mary Poppins movie is set to come out.
Fist you must remember it is the story of the Banks children all grown up and their kids.
I don’t know why Disney is trying to reinvent the wheel. My kids were entertained with Disney classic movies. We sang along with all of the Disney movies. Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, Snow White, Cinderella just to name a few.
They were drilled into their little heads.
I recently enjoyed the redone version of Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon. I must say, they were well done. I do miss the music from the cartoons. It was happy and upbeat – the kids loved it.
I am willing to give any of the remakes a try. Really.
I like the new ones, but my favorites will always be the cartoon versions.
As an adult I appreciate the hours of work those men and women put into drawing each cell. It was an art form – and still is. Computers have made it cleaner and faster, but art is not to be judged on how quickly something is done.
I think we all long for our children to like or love the same things we were attracted too as children. I think we want to see Lincoln Logs scattered on the floor and being stacked by someone in amazement.
It gives us and them a direct connection to our own childhoods.
We want them to read and love the same books that, when closed, added something to our own personal story.
It makes you a little sad when the book or movie seems outdated and not totally relevant to a younger person. But it happens.
If those babes sitting on Mom and Dad’s laps, laugh and giggle, and clap at the new Mary Poppins, it will be a win, win, for everyone.
Years later they too will understand and be saddened when their favorite book or movie is remade, and it isn’t quite the way it had been remembered.
But for now, let’s go see this new movie. Save our judgments for a later time. Enjoy the songs and dances and just be kids for a little while.
We will have enough adult stuff to do in the New Year.