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Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
The city of Edgerton codified a new range of salaries and compensation for various city officers and employees during a council meeting Dec. 27.
The council approved the ordinance following an extensive compensation and benefits study that compared salaries for Edgerton employees to those of other cities in the region.
The salary increase had been discussed at a previous meeting, and Don Roberts, mayor, said then that the last compensation study was done over 10 years ago. He said he would like to see less turnover, more stability, and to take care of the employees.
The ordinance also sets the compensation for city treasurer, city attorney, municipal judge, prosecuting attorney and a court appointed attorney.
The city administrator shall set the individual employee’s salary and compensation which shall fall within the salary and compensation ranges established by the ordinance.
During the same meeting, the council approved changes to the designation of four funds related to the Logistics park development into a single Capital Improvement Fund.
Under the new arrangement, the economic development fund, the LPKC phase 2 public infrastructure fund, the LPKC origination fee fund and the LPKC phase 1 origination fee fund will now be designated as Capital Improvement Fund.
Karen Kindle, finance director, told the council that the new arrangement allows for the accumulation of funds over time and enables the city to then spend the money on ongoing projects.
“Due to limitations in the city’s accounting system, staff recommends creating a separate fund to ensure that the city can demonstrate that the maintenance fee (LPKC Ph 1) and the economic development fee (LPKC Ph2) funded with origination fees are used only for economic development purposes,” she said in a report to the council.
She said the reserve fund designation allows the city to accumulate the revenues and make the expenditures as planned in the multi-year CIP and is not subject to the Kansas budget law.
Edgerton staff compared the pay range to Gardner, Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee and Overland Park.