Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Main Street may soon have a new look after the Gardner city planning commission recommended the addition of a new retail space next to the Valero gas station during a meeting Dec. 18.
The proposed building will be developed by Hafiz and Sons, the owners of the gas station, and is next to the Gardner police department and has a restaurant and century link facilities for neighbors.
According to Michelle Leininger, the city’s principal planner, the proposed development is consistent with the Gardner Main Street Corridor pPlan which identifies the property for community mixed use in the main street mixed use subarea.
The commission recommended that the council approve the project subject to several conditions. The developers are required to revise the landscaping plan to replace details regarding seed to sod, revise the measurement of the foundation planting bed to be 7.5 inches instead of 8 inches and to have their plan reviewed and approved by the Johnson County Airport Commission and the county commissioners.
The developer is further required to work with the city’s public works department to obtain approval of the storm water drainage report prior to the issuance of the building permits.
During the same meeting, the commission recommended the approval of an application for the construction of a modern carwash along Cedar Niles Road on property owned by the NewCentury Airport.
The commission approved the final plat for the 2.49 acre lot next to the Kansas Department of Transportation maintenance shop, Phillips 66 gas station and the Walmart store. The property also borders Marriott Garage to the west.
According to Leininger, the property is just outside the runway protection zone which is an area off the end of the runway that serves to enhance the protection of people and property in the event an aircraft lands or crashes beyond the runway.
“In the past the airport commission has not been interested in developing the subject property. However that has changed for limited land uses,” said Leininger.
The airport commission is expected to lease the land out to Belfonte Car Wash which several locations in the metro.
She said the property is within the Gardner Main Ctreet corridor plan and identified for regional commercial uses.
“Regional commercial uses provide goods and services that may attract users from the greater metropolitan area,” she said. “These areas are best located near interstates and major arterial roads to capitalize on accessibility from areas beyond Gardner.”
The recommendations will be presented at a full council meeting for final approval.