Dan Hoyt
Special to The Gardner News
The Kansas Division of Vehicles announced they will be having extended hours for their offices during the holiday season to help accommodate increased usage as people try to take advantage of their time-off from work to renew or update their driver’s licenses.
“This time of the year is always a busy time for people trying to get their licenses renewed. The extended hours are one way we are trying to help those people,” said Rachel Whitten, director of public relations for the Kansas Department of Revenue.
The KDOR also recently opened a new office in Overland Park and created the iKan app for your tablet or smartphone that can renew your license or vehicle registration without needing to visit an office. Whitten said there is also a lot of effort being put into trying to get Kansans to renew their license and meet the new federal standards for the Real ID program.
The Real ID is especially important, because Kansans who do not have an ID card that meets the federal standards will not be allowed to use that ID for identification at airports starting in October of 2020. These standards were put in place in August of 2017, so anyone who has a license from before this period will not have an ID that meets these federal standards. To tell if your ID is a Real ID, there will be a gold circle with a star cut out of it in the top-right corner of your ID card. The state Non-Real ID version of the ID will continue to be in circulation, so Kansans need to be aware of this if they plan on traveling.
While Whitten is encouraging people to use the IKan app, she did want to warn people that the app will only renew your license for the version you previously had, so if you currently have a state ID Non-Real ID, then the app will renew that version of your license. If you have a Real ID already, then you can use the app to renew. “We understand that process is kind of confusing, but our hope is that in the next few years, most Kansans will have the Real ID,” she said.
If you need to go to the office in Olathe or Mission, then you should consider using the Get In Line system on the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website. This allows you to check into a que for one of the offices from home, and you will be alerted when your turn is about to come up. That website is: getinline.kdor.ks.gov/WebAppt. Unfortunately, since the Overland Park office is new, the Get In Line system is not set up yet. Whitten said she believes the lines are shortest in the middle of the week during the middle of the day when most people are at work, so if that is an option for you, then plan on going then.
One issue people frequently encounter while trying to get their IDs is proving residency if they recently moved. Whitten said if you recently moved, then you can use copies of your rental agreement or your mortgage to show that you have established residency as long as they show your address. You don’t have to wait for a utility bill or a bank statement, she said.
If Kansans are looking for a quick, cheap way to get an ID card, then they can also ask for a free state ID card at the Division of Vehicles office. You must still provide proof of residency and other forms of identification like a social security card, but residents don’t have to wait in line to receive one. They are not driver’s licenses, but they can be used for voting, financial transactions, or to prove identity for an employer.