Edgerton’s annual contract with the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce was discussed at the Dec. 13 meeting.
For the 2017 budget cycle the Edgerton council had approved a $5,000 agreement with the chamber: $2,000 for membership; $2,000 for inclusion in the Gardner Edgerton Magazine; and $1,000 for production of a Gardner Edgerton map.
The GE map was not produced during 2017-18, however, according the city staff’s report it is the Chamber’s goal to produce one in 2019.
For 2019, the chamber had requested $5,000 during the budget process, and the contract has been reviewed and approved by Edgerton’s city attorney.
According to the proposed contract, as a member, the chamber will promote growth and exposure thru: website, ribbon cutting/grand openings; resident bags/rental listings; marketing support; business directory; Gardner Edgerton Community Magazine; and Gardner Edgerton Community map.
Collaboration will be provided by:
Mid-year Chamber Luncheon/breakfast; city staff council to meet quarterly; Frontier Days; Johnson County Public Policy Coalition; Local Chamber Coalition; Elected Official Event; Edgerton City Council.