Another year has flown by full of ups – and- downs and everything in between.
It’s eas y to say, “Count your blessings,” but just as easy to get caught up in daily life and forget.
So we want to take a minute to say thank you –
Thanks for sticking with us thru the years. It’s been a long adventuresome road.
We remember :
when Main St./56 Hwy was only two lanes. Local businesses weren’t too happy during the construction process when traffic was impeded by mounds of dirt and orange cones.
when old 56 continued east across the bumpy tracks at Moonlight, and Sante Fe didn’t deadend.
when the chamber of commerce met at Meadowbrook Hospital; the (former) high school , North Supply and the Catholic Parish – to name just a few.
when there was no intermodal, just miles of beautiful farm land.
when the Edgerton community came together and refurbished/rebuilt the Edgerton Library.
when houses had phones and it was long distance to call Olathe, or anywhere other than Gardner and Edgerton.
Gardner and Edgerton are wonderful communities.
We remember so many wonderful people who worked to move SW Johnson County forward, and we see the same community spirit in existence now.
Merry Christmas.