Coach Tyler Cordts
The wrestlers had a great weekend Dec. 15 finishing seventh out of 20 at the Johnson County Classic despite having four starters out and one big point scorer dropping out due to injury in the first round. The team really stepped up.
AJ Rodriguez led the pack by making the finals and finishing as a runner up.  Brayden Ratcliffe had one loss on the weekend to a top ranked 6A opponent to finish third.  Collin Smith had a break out performance this weekend as well finishing fourth.  Eric Orrison took sixth and Gerald Picado picked up a pin over another top ranked 6A opponent this weekend (That’s two in two weeks) to take fifth.
As impressive as the Varsity was, the JV was even more so at the Leavenworth Tournament.  The team had eight champions! (There are only 14 weight classes) Kye Humphrey, Big Keith Casey, Jaden Moodaley, Trenton Bryan, Ethan Sinclair, Jay Jensen, Shawn Waters, Kaden Coons, and placing second were Cole Debolt, Zane Stutzman and Justin Garden.
This was a great way for the team to wrap up the first half of the season. ” We will take the next three weeks to rest up, fine tune and be ready for the final half,” said Tyler Cordts, coach.