In the Dec. 12 Gardner News edition the story “Commercial electric rates could increase; be reclassified,” the following clarification should be made.

Printed Version:
According to Amy Foster, the city’s business service manager, the changes will help commercial customers absorb a 66 percent rate increase.  

According to Amy Foster, the city’s business service manager, 20 “all electric commercial” customers will no longer be a class of customer but will be absorbed into the three proposed commercial rate classes based on demand consumption. The rate study indicated a need for a 66 percent rate increase for these 20 “all electric commercial” customers to cover the cost to service them. Moving these 20 customers to the three proposed commercial classes will eliminate the need for them to receive a 66 percent rate increase.  
The proposed three commercial rate structures are in line with current industry standards. Gardner’s commercial businesses can expect to see rate adjustments to their bills, however they vary greatly; some will see an increase, while others see a decrease. Each of these customers proposed adjustment will depend on their actual kilowatt hour usage, demand consumption, and their current rate class. The proposed commercial rate structures promote energy efficiency and allow consumers to control the impact of the proposed rate structures by maintaining a lower demand peak. The City of Gardner plans to do usage and conservation education programs over the next year to assist customers in finding ways to control usage to save them money each month.