Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
It is that time of year again. Time to take stock of a year that has flown by so fast. Unless of course you are under 15, and then it takes forever to get from one birthday or Christmas to the next.
I was all set to spend Thanksgiving afternoon decorating my place clear up to the rafters. What happened was  I fell asleep on the couch and felt much better for it!
So a couple of days later, after a family meeting of me and the resident cats, I brought forth the tree and a few things from the closet. A trip to the local Flower Farm, provided a beautiful burgundy poinsettia, placed well out of the reach of kitties. Tree up and pre lit, appointed decorative boxes underneath, and voila Christmas spirit?
Well not so much.
There are perhaps a dozen storage boxes waiting to be opened, and smelled, and remembered through.
I have to ask myself. What is going to make me happy? I can spend
maybe 6, 7 or even 8 hours working on decorating every corner of my house. Everywhere I turn it will sparkle and glisten and glow. But is that what I want?
Does sparkle equate being happy? There are folks who must have everything in the exact same place every year for the spirit of Christmas to be perfect for them. I don’t fall into that category.
I like to buy gifts for people all year long, not just at Christmas.
There is nothing more dis-heartening than spending an hour in your kitchen or shopping to have something disregarded or unappreciated.
What I would like more than anything is to have both my kids here for Christmas. I know for certain it won’t happen. They have lives of their own. And jobs, and responsibilities.
My son and his wife have their own traditions. I am glad for that. I hope those traditions make them happy. People make their own happy.
My daughter is far away and cannot drop her life to come home. She is making traditions of her own. I am glad for that, too.
There are people who have lost someone dear to them. I know they are torn about being happy this year; when grief is still so fresh and painful. They will struggle with mixed feelings. I understand and will think of you in quiet moments.
So this year, don’t let your happy depend on other people. If you can’t put up all the decorations, don’t sweat it. If you don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on gifts, don’t do it.
If you can’t spend Christmas without being broke, or sad or just plain tired from all the work and prep, then maybe just maybe, it is time to rethink your holiday traditions.