Wintry weather blew into the area with driving snow, gusty winds and sleet Nov. 25. Statewide, Gov. Jeff Colyer issued a State of Disaster Emergency Declaration and urged motorists to stay home and postpone travel plans.
Locally, residents were urged by area officials to stay off roads, Johnson County libraries closed, and parents were told school was cancelled.

“It appeares as though Gardner residents followed the advice of weather professionals and remained indoors for the most part,” said Sgt. Steve Benz, GPD public information officer. “They were prepared for the storm.”
There were no road closures in Gardner, and no injury accidents reported, Benz said. However, there was one non-injury accident on Nov. 25 at 175th and I-35 and seven non-injury accidents on Nov. 26. Five of those accidents were at 175th and I-35, one at Gardner Rd. and I-35 and one in town.
More than 160 tons of salt was spread on Gardner streets to keep roads clear during the storm: 63 tons on Nov. 25 and approximately 100 ton Nov. 26.
City crews spent 95 hours of overtime Nov. 25 and 48 hours Nov. 26.
“Blowing snow kept overtaking roadways previously plowed and treated,” said Jody Demaine, public works superintendent. “Almost all east and west roadways have heavy snowpack due to blowing conditions.”
There were no reported power outages, frozen meters or waterline breaks.

Edgerton issued a wintry advisory Sunday afternoon when snow accumulation reached about two inches. Residents were asked to remove vehicles to allow access for snow plows.
“The City of Edgerton staff is extremely pleased with the ongoing snow removal operations as a result of Sunday’s storm,” said Scott Peterson, assistant city administrator.
Scott said Edgerton’s preparedness paid off when the storm hit, as crews effectively cleared Edgerton’s roadways all day Sunday and continued to treat roadways through Monday.
“We would like to thank our community partners like the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and Fire District #1 of Johnson County for their commitment to the safety of Edgerton’s residents,” he said. “We would also like to thank Edgerton’s residents for their timely removal of personal vehicles from the city’s roadways to make plowing them easier and also ensure emergency vehicle access if it were needed.”
About 20 – 30 tons of salt had been spread thru early Nov. 26.
“City of Edgerton staff reported for snow removal operations at 8 a.m.on Sunday the 25th and worked two 12 hour shifts of three staff per crew,” Peterson.

Fire District #1
Fire District #1 was called out to four motor minor vehicle accidents, according to Mary Beth Bush, administrative services.
In addition they were called on for mutual aid to assist Wellsville with a large motor home fire.
Fire District #1 had two additional personnel on duty to assist with call volume, and the staff worked approximately 16 hours.
“We were extremely pleased that residents seemed to heed the weather warning and stay home,” Bush said. “Traffic was light as it was not a workday.”