While many of us were snuggled on our couches watching the snow blow in, there was an “army” outdoors keeping power on, roads cleared and streets safe.
It takes a brave soul to shimmy up a utility pole in cold winds to repair storm damage; and persistence and determination to maneuver a snow plow around stalled vehicles or spread salt.
And it probably goes without saying that our firefighters, police and public utility workers would rather be with their families than sloshing thru snow and ice.
Although bad weather is an inconvenience to most of us — we grumble about intermittent internet or flashing electric lights – and complain about snowy roads – we should always be thankful for the work these crews do.
If everyone chose to stay home, the storm’s effects would be much worse.
Congratulations and thanks to those who kept us safe.
We don’t say it nearly often enough.