Albert Rukwaro
Special To The Gardner News
Edgerton City Council members discussed an employee compensation and benefits memo Nov. 15. the memo was developed by Beth Linn, city administrator.
In the memo, Linn provided an analysis of compensation and benefits of Edgerton City employees and compared that to what several other select cities in the region provide for their employees.
She said that it is an industry best practice when completing a total compensation and benefits study to benchmark Edgerton against comparable cities.
“Edgerton has unique challenges in selecting cities most comparable to it due to our unique characteristics,” she said. “ Staff looked for cities that mimicked Edgerton in several characteristics.”
In the study, Edgerton looked at the compensation packages of Gardner, Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee and Overland Park.
Linn said that the study looked for cities that mimicked Edgerton in several categories including growth, workload and quality of life.
“Edgerton today is a city with tremendous growth potential, both within the current city limits but also additional growth potential through future annexation. Staff included cities with similar capability to grow now and in the future as that growth and significant economic development brings challenges and work load similar to what Edgerton experiences,” she said.
She said that in the last several years Edgerton has accomplished an aggressive capital improvement program focused on infrastructure and quality of life projects to serve residents and drive economic development.
Don Roberts, mayor, said that in the current labor market, government entities were struggling to attract and keep quality employees.
“We are not the only local government entity grappling with this issue. It’s a labor shortage problem,” said Roberts.
While noting that the last benefits and compensation study was conducted in 2010, Linn recommended that the city schedule such studies every three years.
The council directed staff to develop a final draft of the study for consideration during the Dec. 13 council meeting.