We support returning prosecutorial authority for voting fraud back to the attorney general and local officials.
We thought it was a power grab and overreach in 2015 when the Kansas Legislature moved prosecutorial authority for voter fraud to the Secretary of State’s office.
There is an upcoming change of leadership, Kris Kobach, current secretary of state, will be replaced by Scott Schwab, who won the recent election. Kobach was defeated in his bid for Kansas governor.
Schwab, with the support of Derek Schmidt, attorney general, recently proposed legislation to repeal the secretary of state’s prosecution authority and leave that authority with the attorney general and local officials.
We agree this is advisable because: Schwab is not an attorney;
• the attorney general’s office now has a Fraud and Abuse Litigation division;
• historically there are a relatively small number of voter fraud prosecutions.
• We believe returning prosecutorial authority to local officials is a good step to return normalcy.