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The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) published the 2017 Kansas Domestic Violence, Stalking and Rape Report.
The report compiles data on domestic violence, rape, stalking, sodomy, and sexual battery incidents reported to the KBI by state and local law enforcement agencies across Kansas. The offenses counted in this report represent only those reported by victims to law enforcement.

Domestic Violence Analysis
In Gardner, there were 110 reports of domestic violence in 2017, with about 68 percent of those resulting in an arrest. That compares to 28 reports in 2016 and a 60 percent arrest rate. Spring Hill did not report any DV reports, and Edgerton is handled thru Johnson County.
According to the KBI report, overall most of the DV reports are between the ages of 20 and 44, with the majority being in between ages of 25-29.
About 80 percent of the DV victims are identified as white, and 76 percent of the suspects are white. About 17 percent of the victims are white, and 22 percent of the suspects are black.
The majority of DV offenses, 28 percent, are between boyfriend/girlfriend ; 13 percent are between ex-boyfriend/girlfriend; and 15 percent are between spouses. The majority of DV incidents are reported at home, with 43 percent resulting in minor injuries, and 54 percent listed as no injury. The majority of DV happens on weekends.
In 2017, there were 725 protection from abuse filings in Johnson County, and 473 protection from stalking orders filed.
Overall, the 2017 Domestic Violence, Stalking and Rape Report revealed 22,708 domestic violence incidents in the state, indicating an overall 1.3 percent decrease in domestic violence incidents. A domestic violence incident is reported in the state every 23 minutes and 9 seconds, and a domestic violence arrest occurs every 41 minutes and 24 seconds.

Domestic Violence Homicides
In 2017, Kansas experienced a 21.6 percent increase in domestic violence related homicides. Last year, 38 homicides related to domestic violence occurred, representing the most domestic violence homicides in the past 20 years.
Rape Analysis
there were four reported incidents of rape in Gardner in 2017, according to the report. that compares to one in 2016. Spring Hill did not report any; and Edgerton reports thru Johnson County; which reported eight county wide, compared to seven in 2016 and five in 2015.In 97 percent of the total rapes reported, 87 percent were listed as white and about 11 percent as black. About 92 percent of the suspects are listed as male, with 66 percent as white and 24 percent as black.
In more than 27 percent of the rapes reported, 27 percent were listed as acquaintenance; 15 percent as current or ex girlfriend/boyfriend, and 11 percent as a stranger.
In 78 percent of rapes reported, weapon listed as used were personal — hands/fist/feet — and the second category was none, with 13 percent.
In about 75 percent of the rapes, non physical injury was reported, and about 17 percent had apparent minor injuries.
In 2017, 1,239 rapes were reported, an increase of 8.1 percent over the previous year. Rape is reported in our state every 7 hours and 6 minutes. In 80.1 percent of these rape incidents, the suspect was known to the victim.
Find the complete 2017 report, and the reports from previous years at:
NOTE: Data from the Domestic Violence, Stalking and Rape report is derived from standard offense and arrest reports submitted to the KBI’s Kansas Incident Based Reporting System (KIBRS) by local law enforcement agencies in Kansas. The data is dependent on victims reporting crimes. The report is compiled to provide a historical assessment and comparison of domestic violence, stalking and rape incidents in Kansas. It is often not possible to draw further interpretations or conclusions from the data. The KBI cautions against using data to make direct comparisons between jurisdictions. Often these comparisons are not valid as the factors influencing crime vary widely between communities.