The party’s over — so to speak.
Votes have been cast; elections called; annoying radio and TV ads are finally gone, and it’s time for everyone to pull together and move Kansas forward.
It will be interesting to watch for political maneuvering both locally and in Topeka.
The voters have done their part. For good government to be effective, it’s time for those elected to put partisan politics aside and work in the best interest of all residents.
We hope that is the case.
Locally, in a close race that has yet to be officially called, incumbents Ron Schaeffer and Jason Osterhaus, BOCC, may have been unseated by newcomers Janee’ Hanzlick and Becky Fast, districts 4 and 1, respectively.
Incumbent Ed Eilert, county chair, won another term. With two already under his belt, and a history of elected office, Eilert returns a wealth of experience to the county commission.
At some point Johnson County residents will have to choose a successor to 79 year old Eilert. Until then, residents can rely on his stable leadership.
At the state level, we hope Laura Kelley will usher in a new style of politics and work to temper the bitter partisanship that has derailed important work in Topeka.