Several residents attended the Nov. 8 Edgerton City Council meeting concerning road closures at 207th and Waverly. Residents said the established detour took them miles out of the way, and it was often closed. Staff photo by Albert Rukwaro

Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Work at the intersection of 207th and Waverly Streets in Edgerton has disrupted the lives of residents of the surrounding rural Johnson County communities, and several residents protested the disruptions during a city council meeting Nov 8.
The residents told the council that life has been difficult for them since work started on the road and threatened to take action against the city unless their concerns were addressed.
“They have closed off the intersection, and we have to drive for miles around just to access the interstate,” said Paula Newton, who showed up at the meeting with her husband Ray.
“We literally have to go more than seven miles down through Miami County first just to get our son to his bus stop.”
Ray said that the school bus stop is just a mile from their residence.
Some of the residents said that even emergency services could not reach them in good time because of the road closures.
During the meeting, Beth Linn, city administrator, said that the city had notified residents of the properties adjoining the site and apologized to “folks outside that notification area.”
Jody Brown, councilmember, said that the city needs to find a way to keep the road open, so people can get in and out.
When The Gardner News visited the worksite Nov. 9, the intersection was completely blocked. An employee of Miles Excavators, the contractors building the intersection, declined to comment on the situation.
Scott Peterson, assistant city administrator, told The Gardner News that a detour had been established but inclement weather made it temporarily impassable.
“We have contacted Miles Excavation, and they are working on making sure the detour is pounded afresh and usable,” he said.
“The problem was caused by the weather, but they’re working on it and we expect the residents to be able to get in and out going forward,” Peterson said. He asked residents to contact city hall if the problem persists.
The project is part of the Logistics Park and is meant to provide access to a major Kubota Corporation facility.