Back in 1620 a group of Europeans facing religious persecution sailed across the Atlantic.
Hungry, sick and poor, the aliens established a colony in Plymouth, New England.
Today we celebrate them as the Pilgrims, the original immigrants to a land that would become the greatest on the face of the Earth.
We laud them for having the courage to brave the seas for the simple quest of freedom.
From that first band – some of them not angels at all- waves of immigrants followed and with children being born and raised everyday, their birthright unquestioned, a nation formed, rules were established, an economy blossomed and a militia was raised which then went to war conquering native tribes.
While much has been written about those early days, the difficult decisions that had to be made- including genocide and relocation- no one questions that America is today a land of immigrants.
Recent reports have indicated there’s a caravan of aliens making its way from South America- women, children, men- not all of them angels.
However, unlike in 1620, we now have laws established on the admittance of asylum seekers. And yes, fleeing persecution, religious or otherwise, is still one of many legal ways aliens can seek residence in the United States.
Never before has the US military been deployed to stop anyone from legally seeking asylum.
Such tasks have traditionally been left to civil authorities and whether the recent deployments to the southern border were a political stunt before a crucial mid-term election or a carefully considered decision, only time will tell.
It however looks like it would be an action the original immigrants – Pilgrams – on the Mayflower may have frowned upon.