Graphic courtesy of Kansas Department of Education

Kansas’ school finance formula is available and on the Kansas Department of Education’s website, but basically it is based on enrollment. However, the count involves more than just actual students in a district. The Full Time Enrollment equivalency numbers may include preschool, actual, virtual and “weightings” – among others – that may increase a district’s funding.
Although district officials declined to provide this year’s FTE without a written Kansas Open Records request, the information is available free thru the Kansas Department of Education with a phone call.
This year’s headcount as of Sept. 20, 2018 was 5,889.8, according to the superintendent’s report submitted to the KDE.
In 2017-18 the district’s headcount enrollment was 5,989, excluding pre kindergarten enrollment, according to KDE. (See chart)
That’s down from the headcount provided two years ago. For school year 2016-17, USD 231 Leann Northway, former public information officer, said preliminary full time unofficial headcount for Gardner-Edgerton was 6,017, up from the 2015-2016 audited total enrollment headcount of 5,863. Data on the Kansas Department of Education’s website indicate USD 231 daily membership attendance rate for:
2013-14 was 4,647.58;
2015-16 was 5,074.43;
2016-17 was 5,163.29; and
2017-18 was 5,171.11
Exact daily attendance rates for this year – 2018-19 – will not be tallied until June or July 2019 and will be available on the Kansas Department of Education’s website. Daily membership tallies exclude kindergarten.

Reduced Lunches
At least 20 percent of students at most USD 231 schools are approved for a free or reduced price lunch. Only Madison Elementary is less, with 13.2 percent of students eligible, according to the 2017-18 District Students Approved for free or Reduced Prices Lunches data on the KDE website.