Traditionally it’s time for newspapers to endorse candidates. As a rule, The Gardner News does.
We won’t be endorsing this year.
What’s more important than our endorsement is citizens’ involvement in the process.
We know it’s hard not to be apathetic. There is so much negativity surrounding the process these days.
-There were problems the last election with vote counts and the electronic voting machines;
-There were questions regarding voting processes and eligibility;
-There was concern over the integrity of the election process;
-There are accusations of tampering with votes; or just not counting them;
-And accusations of trying to suppress the vote.
It makes us all wonder — does our vote really count? Some high profile races have been decided by only a few votes. So, yes, your vote does count.
For many now is a frightening time for our great nation. Our country was founded on one man, one vote. That’s a basic principal.
Back in the days when memory of the Berlin Wall was still fresh, the news was awash with pictures of third world countries with long lines of voters, often protected by American troops as they exercised their right to vote.
It is important that you exercise your American right to vote. In fact, it’s imperative. It’s what keeps us free.
It’s also important you research your candidate and make sure your views align. Don’t rely solely on social media, advertisements or sound bytes. Governing is not a popularity contest. It’s more than a clever slogan or photo on Facebook.
Good government can’t exist without informed citizen involvement. Good government is more than just choosing a “team.” It’s not the Chiefs vs. the Patriots. Good government is not getting the proverbial “ring,” and we all live happily ever after until the next time.
The long arm of government touches us all: every day, all day long.
So this year, The Gardner News is not endorsing candidates – but rather the act of voting itself.
This is America. If you love your country, VOTE. If you support the troops who have kept us free – VOTE. If you value freedom – VOTE
And hold those responsible for governing accountable.