Welcome to Baldwin’s new community newspaper – The Baldwin City Community News. In this era of shrinking news outlets, it’s great to see another local voice added.
And kudos to the City of Baldwin, which announced on their Facebook feed that they will not compete with the local newspaper by publishing their local newsletter “The Connection.”
According to their announcement, “A local newspaper is vital for our community’s image, sense of place and source of news, events and general interest stories. . . . “ Further, the city announcement says Baldwin will supply local city-related news and events directly to the new newspaper.
According to the Baldwin Chamber’s webpage, the community was approached by publisher Vernon Brown, community meetings were held, and it was agreed the city needed a local news outlet. Brown is publisher of Anderson County Area Community News. The paper will be published both in print and online.
We’ve been here long enough to remember when Baldwin had a community newspaper, which was “gobbled up” years ago by a larger daily, which has since been sold. A few weeks ago we wrote an Our View lamenting the loss of local news outlets and the need for more independent voices.
At the same time, we’ve seen the growth of taxpayer-funded newsletters, some of which sell advertising and compete with the free market. There’s a difference in newsletters and newspaper’s, and our Founding Father’s recognized that, although the distinction has become blurred in recent years.
It used to be said a local newspaper is the community’s cornerstone. We don’t think that has ever changed.