Gardner Police Department
The Gardner Police Department has participated in a program of collecting old or donated bicycles and having them refurbished by inmates at the Lansing Correctional Facility for years. Those bicycles are then returned to the area and given to families in need. It’s all part of the Christmas for Children program that the department has been involved with for more than a decade.
Originally the bicycle donation program was something the local Gardner Lions Club started. Responsibility for the program shifted to the Gardner Lions Club Pride Riders Motorcycle Club in 2006. A few years later, responsibility again shifted, this time to the Gardner Police Department. This was done because GPD routinely accepted recovered or unwanted bicycles, and because several Lions Club Pride Rider members were GPD officers and already very familiar with the program. Instead of sending recovered bicycles to auction, the department decided to take the bicycles to the Kansas State Prison in Lansing. The prison had a program that allowed select inmates to work on donated bicycles, completely refurbish them, and then donate and distribute them to children in need across the state. Thanks to the citizens of Gardner, and the media for promoting the program, Gardner PD now takes over 100 bicycles a year to the prison for refurbishing.
Right now the prison is in the process of getting a facelift, and the area in which the bicycle program functions is temporarily unavailable. Because of this, GPD is suspending the acceptance of donated bicycles for the time being.
When the work at Lansing is completed, they will notify us, and we will begin taking in donated bicycles once again,” Benz said. “If you find yourself in possession of a bicycle you wish to donate to the program, please call us during business hours and let us put your name and telephone number on the list. When we can start taking bicycle donations again, we will call you and have you bring the bicycle in.”