Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Gardner will spend up to $15,000 to replace locks to all the buildings at the Gardner Municipal Airport, Micheal Kramer, director of public works, told the airport advisory board during a meeting Oct. 8.
Kramer said the city has already received bids for the project, which aims to ensure that the doors at the airport buildings, including all the hangars, are equipped with locks that have master keys, which is a fire code requirement.
Kramer said that the city will also provide fire extinguishers that meet the minimum requirements set by the Federal Aviations Authority (FAA).
In addition, Kramer told the board that the city is also planning to reorganize the physical address system at the airport. Each building will have its own address, and the hangars will be given identifying unit numbers.
He said that the city has developed a plan for the upgrade of the sanitary sewer system at the airport, which has to be reviewed by the FAA before implementation.
“Typically, the FAA will take up to 90 days to review and approve,” he said.
He said that the city will look into opening the outside bathroom and hooking it up with the septic system at the airport for the winter months. There’s a risk that the outside bathroom will overflow, but it could be used for a few months as plans for the sewer upgrade are implemented.
“Folks don’t like using the porta potty during the winter, so we might open the outside bathroom and closely monitor it,” he said.
Kramer also informed the commission that 68 hangar owners have submitted insurance information to the city that comply with the requirements; however, there were 27 owners who are yet to submit the information.
Members expressed concern about the flow of information between hangar owners and city hall about insurance compliance and asked Kramer to ensure that each owner is notified not only when they are out of compliance but also when they are.
The members also requested the city to develop a clear policy on the leasing and subleasing of the hangars to avoid confusion.
Kramer promised to raise the issue with the city attorney and report back during the next commission meeting.