Gina Roberts
Head Cross Country
The Trail Ridge Middle School cross country team traveled to Eudora on Thursday to wrap up their season. Although it was chilly it was a great day with great performances by many Husky runners.
The 7th grade girls missed medals, but still had solid performances.  Haylee Weese was 20th, Caroline Clarke 23rd, Ava Yager 34th, Aaliyah Kerby 46th and Marisa Wise 68th.  For Frontier League results Haylee Weese was 12th, Caroline Clarke 14th, Ava Yager 23rd, Aaliyah Kerby 32nd and Marisa Wise 50th. The girls finished sixth as a team.
The boys finished 2nd as a team behind a very solid Eudora group. The 7th grade boys who received medals were Gilan Brown with second, Parker Walion third and Jackson Rhea 11th. Following them was Brooklyn Waswa in 41st, Aleko Khundadze in 43rd, Avonte Peppers in 51st, Chase Andersen in 57th, Abenezer Worku in 63rd, Jack Lloyd in 78th, Connor Peterson 79th, and Attics Adams in 81st. For Frontier league results in medals were Gilan Brown was 2nd, Parker Walion 3rd, and Jackson Rhea 9th. Brooklyn Waswa was 23rd, Aleko Khundadze 24th, Avonte Peppers 29th, Chase Andersen 35th, Abenezer Worku 40th, Jack Lloyd 45th, Connor Peterson 46th, and Atticus Adams 48th.
The 8th grade girls had Brenley Cunningham grabbing a 4th place medal.  Trinity Hudson was 21st, Dakota Konzem 25th, and Elizabeth Fiedler 38th. Frontier League results had Cunningham getting the 3rd place medal. Hudson was 16th, Konzem 20th, and Fiedler 31st. The girls were 3rd as a team.
For the 8th grade boys Landon Comstock was 7th and Carter Beasley 11th, earning both of them medals. Ben Pahls was 30th, Cole Darby 37th, Diego Erives 45th, Nate Wilson 52nd, Chris Lewis 55th, Eric Massaro 58th, Jason Pitts 63rd, Nick Johnson 65th, and Aidan Harris 74th. Frontier Leauge medalists were Landon Comstock in 3rd and Carter Beasley 7th. Ben Pahls was 19th, Cole Darby 24th, Diego Erives 26th, Nate Wilson 32nd, Chris Lewis 34th, Eric Massaro 35th, Jason Pitts 38th, Nick Johnson 41st, and Aidan Harris rounded out runners with 47th.  The boys finished 6th as a team.
It was a quick season that saw the Huskies bring their times down considerably. They always had a good performance ready to go.