Kylie Rogers
Club Reporter
The Kansas state fair is held each September. Just like any other fair, this was a chance for 4-Hers to enter their projects at the state level. I interviewed Katelin Fallen, Aubrey Hamilton, and Kohlton Voboril to see what they entered in the fair, how they did and what their experiences were.
They all agreed that their favorite part of the state fair was entering projects on a higher level, meeting new people, and getting the results. They said that they believe entering projects in the state fair benefited them by giving them a dedication and a reason to work hard. All three said that a tip for someone entering projects in the state fair for the first time would be to not get discouraged and always try your best.
What was your favorite part of state fair?
Katelin: “Entering things in the fair and finding out what I got. Being with friends an showing.”
Aubrey: “Getting to show at a national level.”
How do you think entering things in the state fair benefited you?
Aubrey: “It’s given me dedication and hard work.”
Kohlton: “Meeting new people and showing more.”