More than two years since the Waverly Road Bridge opened, the Gardner City Council is still considering paving their portion of the gravel road from the bridge near Coldpoint Logistics to 56 Hwy.
Rich Melton, Gardner city Councilman, inquired what work was being done with Edgerton regarding paving the gravel road at the Aug. 6 council meeting. Steve Shute, mayor also asked whether plans and analysis had been sent to Edgerton for approval.
Almost three miles of Waverly Road through Edgerton – Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) – was paved and improved to support truck traffic for non-standard, heavy loads, and a ribbon cutting was held at the Waverly Road Bridge in June, 2016.
Plans to pave the other side of the bridge, however, have reached an impasse between Gardner and Edgerton, with Edgerton declining to participate in the past.
“A US-56 & Waverly Road Intersection Analysis and cost estimate draft was completed to determine the future capacity needs and traffic control necessary to maintain an acceptable level of service through 2040 and meet the requests of Edgerton in regards to the heavy-haul pavement section and intersection alternatives, including a roundabout,” said Gardner Director of Public Works, Michael Kramer. “The proposed improvements in the draft analysis have a total project cost of approximately $6.8 million. The city is continuing to work on this project with its consultant and KDOT to find an interim solution that meets KDOT’s requirements.”
A letter in March 2017 from county officials indicated the county planned to pave the gravel section whether or not Gardner and Edgerton contributed to the project. However, an additional 6 inches of pavement would be added if the cities split $175,000 between them.
Edgerton declined to participate, in part because the county sent the letter to Gardner, and also because of the belief the intersection at 56 Hwy. and Waverly needs to be realigned.
At that time, there were no plans for realignment, just improving the radius to have more room for a truck turn. The KDOT corridor study showed the alignment where it is now with additional lanes on Highway 56 and possible signalization.
Kramer told the council Waverly was a gravel road that had too much traffic for a gravel road. He said paving it would improve safety.
Also at the Aug. 6, 2018 council meeting, Shute asked the status of Heartland Family Farm. Larry Powell Gardner Director of Economic Development, said the original project had gone away and the result of the discussion with Edgerton was the need for a study. He said Edgerton was not happy with the suggestions that had been made and additional information was needed. Melton said he wanted a list of Edgerton’s requests.
In December 2016, the Gardner council approved a memorandum of understanding with Heartland Family Farms, LLC. Heartland, who wanted to develop a 2 million square foot warehouse, manufacturing and distribution facility on a triangular shaped, 123 acre piece of land located on the east side of Four Corners Road and the south side of 183rd Street.
The Heartland Farms development agreement would have required that the road be improved to handle normal truck traffic, which would have required 12 inches of asphalt.