Mr. Schute – Mr. Gregorcyk – Mr. Moore – Mr. Melton – Mr. Winters – Mr. Baldwin

I find it incomprehensible that you and your fellow council members forced out a city administrator who was doing a good job.  I did not know Ms. Harrison Lee personally, but I do know that your small mindedness and personal issues should not come into play in your decision making.   The three hundred and fifty thousand + dollars that you are going to pay her to go away quietly is taxpayer money.  You are already planning to raise our water rates and taxes to pay for a new water treatment plant.  I am retired and cannot afford to pay more money for your mistakes.   You cannot seem to get along as council members.  I am suggesting that if you and the rest of the council members are dead set on turning Gardner into another Olathe or larger city by your constant push for growth and new residences that you charge higher water rates to the new homeowners in the new subdivisions, condo complexes duplexes and apartment buildings that you are encouraging to build here.   The current residents of Gardner DO NOT want to foot the bill for your egocentric vision.  Represent the people not your own interests.  Give us a break.  You just wasted three hundred and fifty thousand dollars of our money.  That money would have paid for my Utility Bills for the next 80 years.  You could have waited until her contract was up to get rid of her.  This is not your money you are playing with it belongs to the taxpayers.

Michael Kreller
Gardner Resident