Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Once again, I am speechless.
I deal with a lot of people everyday. Well not a lot but a very diverse group of people.
You deal with folks who have lost loved ones, people trying to get something for nothing, people looking for old newspapers or even family members.
I would say
99.9 percent of them are good folks. They would like their point of view to be heard. I think we all want that, mostly we would like to be valued
for what we try to do.
My mantra is always help folks if you are able.
So the other day, I was on an errand, because it was the right thing
to do. I can’t carry or lift too many things anymore. I do what I can, but I quit before it causes pain. Or at least I should.
There were things that need picked up and carried. A young woman sashayed by me, her assistant in tow. I asked if they could help. The young woman flipped by and informed me “she wasn’t paid to do that.”
Oh really?
My first inclination was to be embarrassed. After all I don’t have any letters after my name. No doctorates or degrees.
Then I was a little bit angered. I was old enough to be this young woman’s mother or even grandmother.
Is this how you represent the business you work for? Is this the face you put on for your clientele?
I wonder how she treats the people who make deliveries there. How the waiters and waitresses who serve her at restaurants are treated?
Several other people came by and helped me without being asked. They are awesome. I won’t say, but you will know who you are.
To that young professional woman. I will never use your services. You need to realize we are all in this mess of a world together. None of us get out alive.
If I ever heard of my children saying this to anyone there would be heck to pay.
To me this is just unacceptable.