If words were actions, Gardner would have a KCI-type airport in place of the city’s municipal airport.
Since taking Gardner Municipal Airport over in January 2016, untold hours have been spent discussing the airport’s future, although little action has been taken to improve or maintain the property.
According to the Aug. 20 city council meeting minutes, a report document prepared for the council by “Lee Moore’s spouse,” provided a timeline of council input regarding GMA. The document was reviewed by the city council and obtained under the Kansas Open Records Act.
According to the report, in Sept. 2015, Laura Gourley, finance director, said the condition of the airport building was a concern, and said the staff was not holding out on the project, but more concerned with setting priorities.
According to the reviewed document, it doesn’t indicate council members addressed building concerns again until Aug. 2017 when Michael Kramer, director, told council about sanitary sewer issues.
A porta potty was set at GMA in April 2016 when Kramer determined the septic system had failed.
Council has been discussing the GMA toilet since then; and according to the Aug. 13 airport advisory board minutes, a construction survey for an 8 inch PVC sanitary sewer to be gravity flow and located on the north side of 175th St, has been completed. Funds for the project will be available in 2019.
Although no cost estimate is provided in the Aug. 13 minutes, previous discussion has indicated cost will be from $135,000 to $240,000.
According to the Airport Capital Improvement Plan:
1-5 years
2018 land acquisition – Dale Baker; 2019 Sanitary sewer; 2020 Gardner Property; 2023 Terminal buildings
Fire inspection report
Extension cords, electrical modificiation, fire extinguisher placement , propane grill storage and storage were some of the concerns spotlighted by a fire inspection conducted May 7, 2018, by Johnson County Fire District #1. there was also concern with foam insulation without a thermal barrier that was considered flammable.
A summary report of the inspection was sent to Gardner and individual hangar reports were sent to the tenants.
The fire inspection report was requested by the city, according to the Aug. 13 airport minutes.