There were 11 schools at Turner, but none better than the GE boys who won the JV race (150 finishers) placing:
1st Gauge Essex; 2nd  Chance Kitchen; 3rd  Kody Hughes; 8th  Will DeBolt; 10th Teddy Gilmore
Even more impressive were the varsity Blazers
1st Trent Cochran 16:51 (3rd consequtive win at Turner and his fastest time there)
2nd Rodolfo Berrum; 3rd AJ Bohon; 4th Wrenner Brown; 5th Owen Massaro; 7th Mitch Lumley; 10th Jordan Kilonzo
All seven varsity runners in the top ten, this also set a new school record for lowest score in a varsity invitational. The previous record was from 1986, also at the Turner Invitational,  when Greg Shaw, Steve Elkinton, Darin Kleinsorge, Richie Huffman, and Evan Andrew scored 16. In addition, the 15 point total last night is a record that can only be tied in the future, it is the lowest possible score any XC team can achieve.
The girls varsity placed second finishing:
3rd Jade Haney; 4th Mallory Boden; 13th Alyssa Farrens; 15th Joy Haney; 16th Katie Whittley; 17th Jillian Velasquez