Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Thanks to the rain this week, Gardner City is no longer under water restrictions. I really have the feeling that a lot of people didn’t know we were supposed to conserve, but hey it’s over for now.
I try to stay out of the political arena here in town or even nationally. I vote, I make my preferences known the way we are supposed to. Sometimes my candidate wins, sometimes they lose. Sometimes I get sick of the negative campaign ads that assault us on TV.
I also get tired of the references to fake news. I understand larger outlets than ours have a tendency to edit stories in their favor. Just like TV “it sells.”
But sometimes, when it is your own town, you have to think, what the heck is going on? Finding a reporter is hard these days. They have to take in a lot of information and then return it to the reader. You can’t have an “I think” or a “in my opinion.”
You provide facts. Sometimes they are boring and uneventful. They are at times, sad and heartbreaking.
Citizens need to take care when selecting their representatives. After all they are the ones who get the publicity when things go awry.
Elected officials need to listen to all the people they represent who are willing to speak up. Not just the few that you see at church or at your local cook outs.
We don’t need to be the laughing stock of the county. We don’t need to be the good ole boys network.