Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton and Elevate Edgerton, an economic development agency based at the Kansas City Logistics Park, hosted a group of career guidance counsellors from area high schools on Aug. 29.
During the event, held at the leadership center at the park, participants were told about the opportunities available in the supply chain management industry.
In a presentation, Roger Woody a lecturer at University of Kansas, told the participants that the industry is experiencing explosive growth and urged them to expose their students to the industry.
“These are not the old warehousing jobs that their parents may remember. This is a new, technologically driven industry with unlimited growth potential,” he said.
Woody said that today’s warehouse worker requires soft skills like communication, teamwork and ability to think outside the box and analytical processing.
Some of the participants said convincing parents that warehousing jobs are good for their kids remains a challenge.
Beth Linn, Edgerton city administrator, said that the guidance counselors will need to find a way to connect with parents in their schools and let the kids know that the jobs in logistics are good jobs.
She said some companies at the park are offering excellent benefits including free tuition reimbursement for high school graduates who want to join a technical school or four year college.
“The good thing is that the tuition reimbursement does not even have to be in logistics or supply management. We have companies here that will pay tuition for a nursing degree,” she said.