Gardner’s council lifted water restrictions during their Sept. 4 meeting.
Residents were under water restrictions since July 17 and had implemented an even-odd outdoor watering system. A state report had indicated Johnson County was experiencing drought conditions.
Restrictions were imposed when the city’s water plant operated at 90 percent capacity for four days. Water restrictions had last been imposed in 2012, when the plant operated at 80 percent capacity.
Aug. 20, Gonzalo Garcia, utility director, confirmed that Gardner is the only city in the county that has imposed water restrictions on residents. Randy Gregoryck, councilmember, said Gardner is also the only city in the county that depends on only one source for its water. “We need to look at getting other sources of water instead of kicking the can down the road,” he said.
Steve Shute, mayor, said the council is already looking into the matter.
“I don’t think we are kicking the can down the road. The staff is already having that discussion with other providers,” he said.