Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well the days aren’t starting quite as early or lasting as long it seems. No 4 am birds or 9 pm lingering twilight. School has started and the official end of summer is going to be here soon. The super bright days of summer will give way to those hazy golden days of fall.
We linger outside a bit more as it cools earlier. We say hello to more people out for walks. Lots of folks move before school starts so possible you have new faces in your neighborhood.
In days past people would walk down the street and introduce themselves. Say hello how are you?
Not so much anymore. We tend to keep to ourselves. With all those new and yet unfamiliar faces around it is a good idea to lock your vehicles at night. The old keys above the visor or under the floor mat just doesn’t work in this new time. My neighborhood has a rule of no garage doors up at night. From the police reports and things why tempt someone to come into your home, feet away from sleeping people, and “shop” in your garage for items worth stealing? The old saying was” don’t let a good person go bad”. Man, woman, boy, girl, whoever. Don’t tempt them to do something they shouldn’t do.
The point is, if we look out for each other, everyone is a little safer. I can see from my front door 3 of my neighbors. I made a point early on to get my friend across the street to exchange phone numbers with me. I told her I wouldn’t text or call unless her garage door was up late at night, or I saw people roaming in her yard, or I saw a pet out. She would do the same for me. I can’t see my garage door without going downstairs and checking by walking outside or into the garage. But it should be down and locked at bed time. Same for her. If we all had a neighbor across from us who could let us know if the door was up it would be just an added security measure.
Why go to all this trouble? I have several neighbors who routinely forget the garage is open. I would hate for them to get robed or vandalized. But I also don’t want to shuffle over to their front door late at night and let them know. With the uncertainty of today you could be met with a person gun in hand. A late night doorbell is very unsettling, but a phone call could also cause undue distress. But getting your stuff stolen out of the garage would be much worse. Texting seems to be a good alternative.
No not everyone has a phone or pays to have texting. I will try to introduce myself to a couple of new neighbors, exchange phone numbers, and promise to only text or call if I see something out of place.
We may not need to be our brother’s keeper, but we can be neighborly and helpful.