To City of Gardner leaders (certainly not public servants),
Yesterday, our one hundred yards of block of Cottage Creek Dr. received the chip and seal treatment. What an eyesore and what a safety hazard for those who ride bicycles and motorcycles! Why are you turning some of our city streets into something from the dirt street era of civilization progress? Those of us whose streets are receiving this chip and seal program pay our taxes just like everyone else and do not deserve to be ignored as if we do not exist or do not matter.
Before I appeared at a July council meeting many Gardner residents told me that it was useless to go and speak before the council concerning the inferior street work that was being done and what was to be done because they don’t listen nor care and will do what they want regardless of how the public thinks or feels. Congratulations, you proved those citizens right. At the meeting I even had pictures of a hole in the street at the end of my driveway that was left after some curb/gutter repair (see attached picture) and asked that it be fixed. I was told later by employees Mike Gardner and Mark Pottinger that it would be taken care of before they chip and sealed our street if that was to be done. It was not, it was filled with loose chip yesterday. That hole will cause problems for both the street and the new portion of gutter when water freezes in it. Mark Pottinger even told me and another neighbor,  a couple of days after that council meeting, when he came out to look at the portion of street in question that he had another idea for the street surface other than chip and seal. He said he couldn’t promise anything but he would let us know. Never heard from the man again. He and Mike Gardner are great about not getting back you when they say they will.
Citizens deserve better than the leadership and direction of Gardner that all of you are giving us. We, on our portion of Cottage Creek Dr., are very disappointed in what you have done to our streets with this chip and seal program as well as the disrespect you show us by ignoring our concerns.

Chuck Nichols,
Gardner, KS