Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
The Johnson County Fair has passed and that means school should be about ready to begin.
My daughter, who teaches, is getting ready for another year in Idaho. She really likes what she has chosen for a profession and is usually looking forward to a new year.
The school supplies in the stores make me a little bit sad. I love the smell of a new box of crayons and freshly sharpened pencils take me back to when the kids were younger and even when I was in school.
If they urge to buy school things gets the best of you I am sure any of the local elementary schools would accept donations for kids — no questions asked.
I am sure both of my kids remember going with me to the caves down near Worlds of Fun to pick up an entire mini-van load of backpacks and school supplies for children in Gardner and Edgerton schools. It was offered through Daniel Jacobs, who has now passed, and by KCPL. It was the S.O.S. program. I believe we even took part of them to Spring Hill for their kids.
I knew of one little boy who basically had nothing to start school with. I think he was in third grade. He was quiet and never did anything to cause a problem. He tried really hard at every subject. He was given a backpack full of pencils and crayons and erasers and everything he would need. He told us he had to hide it under the bridge at night to keep his siblings and parents from taking it away from him. He left school in the middle of the year, and I have always wondered what became of him. He would be in his late 20’s now. I hope his life is much different than the one he had growing up.
So if you like school stuff and can’t resist the urge to smell those crayons, go ahead, grab a box or two. Maybe even a package of kid-sized socks or some Kleenexes. I am guessing there would be a school counselor who would be very grateful for the items for a student in need. You probably won’t ever get a thank you, but I bet a child somewhere will smile and be ever so happy.