(Published in The Gardner News on August 29, 2018)



You are hereby notified that the governing body of the City of Olathe, Kansas (the “Issuer”) intends to repair, alter, extend, reconstruct, enlarge or improve the storm water system (the “System”) owned and operated by the Issuer, as follows:

Indian Creek – Lindenwood Drive (Jamestown to Arrowhead): Survey, design, culvert replacement, channel grading and home buyouts and demolition.
Lake and Dam Restoration: Lake improvements including dredging, spillway rehabilitation, dam restoration, and creation of sediment forebays/wetlands. Spillway improvements providing detention to protect downstream properties. Locations may include Cedar Lake, Lake Olathe, North and South Frisco Lakes, and the Water Works Park Lakes.
Lindenwood Drive (Spruce to Santa Fe): Survey, design, inlet/pipe replacement, grading and pavement restoration.
Little Cedar Creek, W. Park to W. Elm – Phase II: Buyout of four (4) properties, culvert replacements at Cedar and Elm Street, channel improvements and flood benching along the channel corridor.
Mill Creek, Prairie to Cedar – Phases I and II: Purchasing buildings, elevating Cherry Street near Prairie Street, removing Prairie Street east of Cherry Street, constructing bridges at Spruce and Poplar Streets and constructing larger culverts at Santa Fe and Park Street.
Stevenson Street (Grace Terrace to Oak Street): Survey, design, inlet/pipe replacement and channel grading.
Stormwater Improvement Projects: Repair and replacement of pipes, inlets/boxes, and culverts; stream maintenance and streambank stabilization; and stormwater improvements associated with street rehabilitation projects.
Streambank Stabilization – Phase I: Study to identify streambank stabilization needs at Mill Creek and Cedar Creek.
Upper Cedar Creek (169 Highway to Mahaffie Street): Culvert improvements, replacement of street pavement, and construction of a berm to protect properties from potential flooding.

(collectively, the “Projects”) at an estimated cost of $33,995,000.

In order to finance the Projects and related bond reserves and financing costs, the governing body of the Issuer further intends to issue Storm Water Revenue Bonds in an amount not to exceed $10,000,000 (the “Bonds”) in one or more series under the authority of K.S.A. 101201 et seq. (the “Act”). The Bonds will not be general obligations of the Issuer payable from taxation, but shall be payable only from revenues of the System. The proceeds of the Bonds will be used to pay the costs of the Projects and related bond reserves and financing costs.

This Notice shall be published one time in the official newspaper of the Issuer, and if within fifteen (15) days after the date of said publication there shall be filed with the Clerk, a written protest against the Projects or the issuance of the Bonds, signed by not less than twenty per cent (20%) of the qualified electors of the City, then the governing body shall submit such proposed Projects and the proposed Bonds to the electors of the Issuer at a special election to be called for that purpose as provided by the Act. If no sufficient protest is filed within said period of time, the governing body shall proceed with the Projects and the issuance of the Bonds.

DATED: August 29, 2018.

ATTEST: /s/ Michael E. Copeland, Mayor

/s/ Emily Vincent, City Clerk