Mica Marriott, Gardner Edgerton class of 2000, recently opened Marrios Donut shop at 95th and Antioch. Business has been good, she says. Photo courtesy of Albert Rukwaro

Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
At 9 in the morning, Mica Marriot was almost running out of pastries.
“It’s a month now, and I still haven’t figured it out,” she said, flashing a radiant smile. “Some days I’ll sell out by 10 a.m., other days I’ll be here till 2 p.m.”
Marrios Donut, a tiny, tastefully decorated shop, is the latest addition to a strip mall at the corner of Antioch and 95th streets in Shawnee,. Judging by the steady stream of customers, it’s a hit in the neighborhood.
“We opened a month ago, and I still cannot believe how quickly it has caught on. We broke even on our first month and I thank God for the blessings,” she said.

From automotive to donuts, Mica Marriott opened Marrio’s Donut in Shawnee. A Gardner graduate, Marriott worked for her uncle’s auto shop — Marriott’s Garage and Towing— for more than a decade before moving to automotive sales. Buying donuts for her customers inspired her to open her own shop. Photo courtesy of Albert Rukwaro

Mica, a 2000 graduate of Gardner-Edgerton High School, grew up in Gardner and worked for her uncle’s auto shop, Marriot’s Garage and Towing, for 13 years.
She parlayed her knowledge of cars into a career in auto sales rising to a position as a regional sales coordinator in the metro area for NAPA auto parts corporation.
“The auto sales job was perfect for me. I love cars and I love people,”,she said. “But then the corporate rat race was getting to me, and I started looking for a way out.”
She says that in her sales job she would drop by donut shops to get something for her clients, and she noticed how busy the donut shops were. She decided to do some informal research.
“Every Saturday I would get my friend Jeremy, and we would cruise around town looking for donut shops and observing how they were doing. It was fun and eye opening.”
From the surveys, she realized opening a donut shop was a viable business plan.
“We gained useful insights as well as a few pounds,” she says with a laugh.
She found a location and her husband Nathan did the remodeling , and the shop opened at the beginning of July.
“It has been an incredible journey so far,” she said.
She said that opening the shop has been a test of faith ,but she thanks God for providing the resources she needs as well as strengthening her faith. “When you open a small business, you never feel like you have enough money, that’s a challenge,” she said.
The shop is open at 5:30 a.m. to 1 p.m . Tuesday through Friday and 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.