This year a whopping 29 percent of Johnson County’s registered voters voted.
Thank You!
Thank you for taking your responsibility seriously as a citizen and voting.
While the turn out for the primary was better than some in the past, it’s still a dismal turnout.
The past few election cycles, questions have been raised regarding the integrity of our vote, and the ease with which individuals can register.
While many states have eased registration by allowing residents who interact with a government office to automatically register — for example when getting a drivers license or tagging a car – Kansas has swum upstream with proof of citizenship requirements.
Lawsuits and court orders regarding what identification is required to register have drug on for years, and citizens have been purged from the voting rolls.
There have also been questions regarding voting accuracy and integrity of the chain-of-vote from electronic machine to count. Until recently – when Johnson County replaced the old machines with new which supply a paper ballot – there was no paper trail.
And while the Johnson County Commission has said they don’t blame Ronnie Metsker, Johnson County election officer for the current voting debacle, we do. Used to be the buck stops here, now the vendor is blamed.
In Johnson County the new machines had issues when uploading data, and tallies were not released until the day after the election.
The Republican governor’s race has yet to be declared.
More than being an “embarassment,” this makes the election process seem political and suspect.
It used to be only “third world countries” had rinky-dink elections; what happened? And why is it tolerated?
We’re pretty sure if the “powers that be” really wanted us all to vote they would mandate voting with an “opt out” or “no choice” provision. Uncle Sam seems to be able to require us to pay taxes, get a driver’s license, insurance and – most recently – REAL ID.
How about requiring the vote? Or at the very least, restore American’s confidence in the system.
Take responsibility.
Let’s make America great again.
Restore dignity, efficiency and accuracy to our vote.