Edgerton’s city council annexed property into the city limits and approved crosswalk signage at their Aug. 9 city council.
Harold J. Curry, trustee of the Curry Survivor’s Trust dated June 13, 1996 and the Curry Family Trust dated June 13, 1996, submitted an annexation request property he owns generally located directly north of 31800 W. 196th and east of 32285 W. 191st Street.
Kansas Statute 12-520 states that the governing body of any city, by ordinance, may annex land to such city if that land adjoins the city and a written petition for consent to annexation is filed with the city. The property owner has filed the required petition for Consent for Annexation. This property is contiguous to property within the City of Edgerton corporate city limits.
The council also approved the installation of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) system along Sunflower Road for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing Sunflower Road between Martin Creek Park and Big Bull Creek Park.
Of the four options presented, the council approved a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) system that is pedestrian activated. The system could be solar powered or hard wired if power is available nearby. The estimated cost is $30,000 to $40,000.
The Martin Creek Trail project will begin next week.
Other options presented ranged up to $200,000 in cost for a stop-and-go traffic signal.
The approved option includes:
a basic crosswalk signage at the crosswalk and in advance of the crossing.
Signage at the Crosswalk: 36”x36” Pedestrian Warning Sign (W11-2) with a 24”x12” Downward Arrow plaque (W16-7P).
Signage in advance of the Crosswalk: 36”x36” Pedestrian Warning Sign (W11-2) with a 24”x12” Ahead plaque (W16-9P).
All signs should be Fluorescent yellow-green.
Sign posts could be Perforated Square Steel Tubing or other material approved for installation along a roadside (crashworthy).

In other business, the council approved:
• Minutes For July 26, 2018 Regular City Council Meeting
• Ordinance No. 1084 Annexing Certain Land Into The City Of Edgerton, Kansas
• Resolution No. 08-09-18A Resolution Amending A Resolution Of Intent
• Ordinance No. 1085 Amending Chapter XIV Of The Edgerton, Kansas Municipal Code To Incorporate The 2018 Standard Traffic Ordinance, Subject To Existing Local Traffic Provisions In The City Code Which Supplement And/Or Modify Certain Sections Thereof
• Ordinance No. 1086 Amending Chapter XI, Article 1, Section 11-101 Of The Code Of The City Of Edgerton Concerning The Uniform Public Offense Code
There were no public comments.

Other Business
• Approved Ordinance No. 1087 Annexing Certain Land Into Edgerton which was added to the agenda.
• City Council moved the Oct. 11 city council meeting to 7 p.m. on Oct. 18 due to Don Roberts, mayor, and Beth Linn, city administrator, attending the Governor’s Transportation Task Force in Garden City.