Homeowners may see a decrease in property taxes, based on the USD 231 proposed budget. This decrease would apply to the school portion of the property tax bill.
Although the budget is expected to increase from $76 million to $81 million, a 1 mill decrease should reduce taxes on a $220,000 home by about $26 annually. This is the seventh year of continued decreases.
“The mill rate decreases continues the district’s goal of providing sustainable mill levy decreases as assessed valuation rises,” said Jeremy McFadden, finance director. “As with any growing school district, the cost of staffing, operations and facilities management increases over time. The board of education believes in a balanced approach to providing quality school s in our communities at a cost justifiable to taxpayers.”
The district’s assessed valuation increased from $299 million in 2017-18 and is now estimated to be $325 million.
The 2018-19 total budget is projected to be $81 million, after increases to base state aid per pupil and Sept. 20 weighting adjustments are determined.
“The board of education believes one of the greatest assets to a strong community is a vibrant school district that helps attract both residential and commercial growth,” McFadden continued. “An important part of attracting growth is a stable mill levy, with reductions when appropriate.”