The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners today adopted the county’s fiscal year 2019 budget. The 2019 budget totals $1.097 billion, composed of $815.9 million in expenditures and $281.2 million in reserves.
The BOCC approved a total estimated county mill levy of 25.973 mills a decrease of 0.378 (0.322 decrease for the County Taxing District, 0.027 decrease for Johnson County Library Taxing District and 0.029 decrease for Johnson County Park & Recreation District Taxing District.) This includes an estimated mill levy of 18.996 for the County Taxing District, 3.894 mills for the Johnson County Library taxing district and 3.083 mills for the Johnson County Park & Recreation District taxing district. These are estimated mill levies as there are slight valuation changes from July to October when values are certified by the county clerk.
“Due to the growth in property values, we are in a position to return some resources back to taxpayers through mill levy reductions and continue to deliver the exceptional programs and services to which Johnson County residents are accustomed,” said Ed Eilert, chairman. “With this budget we will also maintain the reserve level that helps us achieve the best credit ratings available.”
The 2019 budget includes a Capital Improvement Program totaling more than $98 million.
•         $39.3 million for wastewater capital projects;
•         $15.8 million for the Stormwater Management Program;
•         $15.9 million for the County Assistance Road System (CARS) program;
•         $8.4 million for park and recreation capital projects.
“The adopted budget maintains the county’s solid financial condition,” said county manager Penny Postoak Ferguson. “This budget adheres to the commission’s direction to maintain a sufficient General Fund reserve, funds on-going operating expense with on-going revenue sources, and puts resources towards the programs and services that align with the commission’s strategic priorities.?
Total estimated revenue from ad valorem taxes is $196.6 million from the County Taxing District, $33 million for libraries and $31.9 million for parks.
The adopted budget funds a maximum 4008.04 full-time-equivalent employees including the following new positions highlighted below.
•        Six Mental Health positions including a co-responder for the Sheriff’s Office and a Transportation Coordinator for the Peer Driving program
•         One Behavioral Health Specialist for Johnson County Developmental Supports
•         A Forensic Scientist, Forensic Technician and four Investigative Task Force deputies for the Sheriff’s Office
•         An Electronic Delivery clerk for the District Attorney
•         20.9 positions for Johnson County Library including a youth information specialist and youth librarian
•         13.6 positions for Johnson County Park & Recreation District
•         A medical examiner and death investigator with Department of Health and Environment
On average, residential property owners will pay $932 in county property taxes for 2019? about $78 per month, based on the average home value in the county, approximately $312,000.
By state law, the county commission must adopt a new budget each year by Aug. 25. Johnson County’s fiscal year begins Jan. 1, 2019