Johnson County Government has removed service area restrictions on county-provided paratransit transportation, making transportation for the elderly and those with disabilities available to all Johnson County residents. The previous paratransit service area boundary, which had been in place for decades, limited paratransit service to the central portion of Johnson County, between 47th Street and 159th Street from north to south, and State Line and K7 Highway from east to west.
“Removing restrictions on transportation services for older residents and those with disabilities allows for better access to work, medical services, and the ability to fully participate in our community,” said Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Ed Eilert. “It is the right thing to do.”
With no restriction on use within the county, eligible residents of Johnson County can access RideKC Freedom, the county’s enhanced mobility, shared-ride paratransit service, to travel anywhere within the county. The service operates Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, excepting major holidays. Riders can schedule trips up to seven days in advance, and no later than two days prior to a trip.
The fare for RideKC Freedom service is $5.20 per one-way trip that is 10 miles or less, $6.20 per one-way trip that is 10.01 to 20 miles and $7.20 per one-way trip that is 20.01 or more miles. Return trips are separate fares. Reduced fares are available for eligible riders.
“This expansion of service area means we can help more people get where they need to be,” said County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson. “The ability for all of our residents to access transportation is a priority.”
For more information about RideKC Freedom, eligibility or reduced fares, please visit, or call (816) 842-9070.
Johnson County Government contracts with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to provide regional transit services.