Congrats and accolades to USD 231’s Board of Education for their continued progress towards transparency.
It hasn’t been that many years ago the district’s policies and procedures were kept in a loose leaf notebook full of typed pages and penciled notes. They are now available on the district’s website, as is the budget, school calendar and upcoming events.
And even better – effective last month — board meetings are videotaped and are available online for patrons to view.
The first video edition is from July 30, 2018 and is available by clicking this link:
While we want to congratulate the entire BOE and staff for their journey towards openness, we want to give a particular shout out to Sean Carlisle, board president, and Greg Chapman, vice president. We appreciate their commitment to transparency, opening dialogue and working for the betterment of our communities.
Now if we could just get the district to respond to open records requests via e mail, as well as accepting payments electronically — well, that’s for another editorial.
Today, we just want to say thank you. Your work is appreciated.