Albert Rukwaro
Special to The Gardner News
The city of Edgerton does not expect to ration water usage this summer.
Don Roberts , mayor, said during a city council meeting July 26 that because the city gets its water from providers who are themselves part of a wider network of providers, water shortage is not an issue at this time.
“Unlike Gardner, we have relationships with providers who are themselves connected to other providers, so we don’t face the same challenges,” he said.
Edgerton gets its water from outside providers such as water district 7.
Gardner, which runs its own water system, recently announced mandatory restrictions and briefly suspended bulk water sales due to the drought.
Beth Linn, city administrator, told the council that the city expects to generate slightly over one million dollars for its water and sewer funds in the 2019 financial year.
The city expects to generate $504,500 for its water fund and $659,750 for the sewer fund, according to a report she presented to the city council.
Linn said the revenues will be generated from service charges to customers, fines and forfeitures and investment income.
“This represents about a seven percent increase to our water fund without adding rates to our customers,’” she said.
The city projects it will spend $538, 721 from the water fund which includes expenditures for upgrades on information technology, water distribution, debt service and employee benefits.
“For the sewer fund, the city expects to generate funds from service charges, reimbursements, bond proceeds and investment income,” she said.
From the proceeds, the city will spend $651,155 on upgrades on information technology, maintenance of the treatment plant and sewer lines, debt service and employee benefits.
The city gets its water from Water District 7 and Baldwin, and is only responsible for the distribution to Edgerton residents.